Patent No. 10-2124875 Busbar manufacturing method
Patent No. 10-2084949 CAF busbar manufacturing method
Completion of industry-academia joint project (Kumo Institute of Technology) (Project name: Development of coating technology to improve corrosion resistance and insulation of Cu-Al friction welding products)
Patent No. 10-2047794 CCA busbar manufacturing method
Patent No. 10-2034012 Friction stir welding busbar manufacturing method
Patent No. 10-2034011 CAF busbar manufacturing method
Patent No. 10-2024575 Linear friction welding busbar manufacturing method
Patent No. 10-2019069 Manufacturing method of busbar for fuse
(-) Rivet Terminal All of item raw material optimization
Design No. 30-1015070 Bus bar for fuse
Design registration {No. 30-1015068] CAF grounding busbar
Aug. 2017
Completed technical support project (Gyeongbuk HYBRID Technology Institute) (Title: Copper Forging Die Life Extension Technology in Negative Terminal Parts)
May 2016
Patent No. 10-1619266 Frictional Welding Machine Using the Braking of Inertia Canceller
Feb. 2016
Patent No. 10-1597777 Frictional Welding Machine
Dec. 2014
Patent No. 10-1476590 Cutting Machine Using Forward/Reverse Rotation
Jun. 2014
Completed the academia-industry collaboration project (KUMOH National Institute of Technology) (Title: Development of Dissimilar Metal Bonding Processes Using Frictional Welding TiAl + SCM440)
Jun. 2014
Patent No. 10-1411220 Non-brake Frictional Welding Machine
Oct. 2013
Patent No. 10-1317497 High-frequency Motor for Frictional Welding
Aug. 2013
Public-private Joint Venture Technology Development (Small and Medium Business Administration) (Title: Development of (-)Rivet Terminal, Using the Frictional Welding of Copper Forging)
Jul. 2013
Completed the Green Transformation-based Technical Support Program for SMSEs (KITECH) (Title: Extension of Forging Die Life for Al-Cu Frictional Welding Electrode)
Apr. 2013
Research institute founded
Sep. 2011
Technical consulting on frictional welding – Hanwha CO., LTD.
I&D device development
Introduction Busbar temperature rise tester and environmental test equipment
FSW friction stir welding machine and exclusive tool development
Developed CAF sheet roll rolling machine
Busbar electrical conductivity tester development
Developed 120 ton extra large friction welding machine
Jul. 2018
(-)Rivet Terminal process washing machine developed
Apr. 2017
Cu/Al raw material cut hot-air drying machine developed
Jan. 2017
Tray washing machine developed
Dec. 2016
Cu/Al raw material cut sorting machine developed
Jul. 2016
Cu+Al weld bead remover (2-cavity) developed
Jul. 2016
(-)Rivet terminal 2-cavity trimming auto-supply apparatus developed
May 2016
(-)Rivet terminal auto-forging machine (heading machine) developed
Dec. 2015
Cu+Al wed bead remover developed
Dec. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal dual horizontal frictional welding machine developed
Sep. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal dual vertical frictional welding machine developed
Jul. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal counting machine developed
Mar. 2015
Cu/Al raw material press-cutting machine developed
Jan. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal packaging automation machine developed
Dec. 2014
Cu/Al raw material CAM-automation cutting machine developed
May 2014
(-)Rivet terminal vertical frictional welding machine (auto-loading type) developed
May 2014
Copper forging press, transfer mold developed
May 2013
(-)Rivet terminal auto-forging facility developed
Oct. 2012
(-)Rivet terminal auto-trimming facility developed
Jun. 2011
(-)Rivet terminal horizontal frictional welding machine (auto-loading type) developed
Apr. 2010
(-)Rivet terminal frictional welding machine (manual type) developed
Sep. 2009
(-)Rivet terminal Cu+Al friction terminal (current facility used) developed