Dec. 2018
60Ah raw material optimized
Aug. 2017
Completed technical support project (Gyeongbuk HYBRID Technology Institute) (Title: Copper Forging Die Life Extension Technology in Negative Terminal Parts)
May 2016
Patent No. 10-1619266 Frictional Welding Machine Using the Braking of Inertia Canceller
Feb. 2016
Patent No. 10-1597777 Frictional Welding Machine
Dec. 2014
Patent No. 10-1476590 Cutting Machine Using Forward/Reverse Rotation
Jun. 2014
Completed the academia-industry collaboration project (KUMOH National Institute of Technology) (Title: Development of Dissimilar Metal Bonding Processes Using Frictional Welding TiAl + SCM440)
Jun. 2014
Patent No. 10-1411220 Non-brake Frictional Welding Machine
Oct. 2013
Patent No. 10-1317497 High-frequency Motor for Frictional Welding
Aug. 2013
Public-private Joint Venture Technology Development (Small and Medium Business Administration) (Title: Development of (-)Rivet Terminal, Using the Frictional Welding of Copper Forging)
Jul. 2013
Completed the Green Transformation-based Technical Support Program for SMSEs (KITECH) (Title: Extension of Forging Die Life for Al-Cu Frictional Welding Electrode)
Apr. 2013
Research institute founded
Sep. 2011
Technical consulting on frictional welding – Hanwha CO., LTD.
I&D device development
Jul. 2018
(-)Rivet Terminal process washing machine developed
Apr. 2017
Cu/Al raw material cut hot-air drying machine developed
Jan. 2017
Tray washing machine developed
Dec. 2016
Cu/Al raw material cut sorting machine developed
Jul. 2016
Cu+Al weld bead remover (2-cavity) developed
Jul. 2016
(-)Rivet terminal 2-cavity trimming auto-supply apparatus developed
May 2016
(-)Rivet terminal auto-forging machine (heading machine) developed
Dec. 2015
Cu+Al wed bead remover developed
Dec. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal dual horizontal frictional welding machine developed
Sep. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal dual vertical frictional welding machine developed
Jul. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal counting machine developed
Mar. 2015
Cu/Al raw material press-cutting machine developed
Jan. 2015
(-)Rivet terminal packaging automation machine developed
Dec. 2014
Cu/Al raw material CAM-automation cutting machine developed
May 2014
(-)Rivet terminal vertical frictional welding machine (auto-loading type) developed
May 2014
Copper forging press, transfer mold developed
May 2013
(-)Rivet terminal auto-forging facility developed
Oct. 2012
(-)Rivet terminal auto-trimming facility developed
Jun. 2011
(-)Rivet terminal horizontal frictional welding machine (auto-loading type) developed
Apr. 2010
(-)Rivet terminal frictional welding machine (manual type) developed
Sep. 2009
(-)Rivet terminal Cu+Al friction terminal (current facility used) developed