Message from the CEO

Welcome to our website.

A.F.W has introduced friction welding (FW) to domestic market for the first time and manufactured and distributed electric vehicle Li-ion battery parts which are used by the world’s renowned car makers such as BMW, Volkswagen and AUDI.

We have developed and used our own FW facilities and achieved the highest quality through cost reduction and continued process improvement. In addition, we have made a lot of investments in R&Ds and now own many patents concerning FW technology.

The sales of our flagship product ‘(-)rivet terminal’ for electric vehicle Li-ion battery have increased with the growth of electric car market.

To make a contribution to automotive light-weighting, we have developed CAF busbar. Once the era of mass production of electric vehicles begins, this next-generation product will help us take a big step forward.

Right now, we are expecting another takeoff. We promise that we would strive to grow into a professional electric car-component maker.

Thank you.

CEO of A.F.W CO.,LTD. Kim Myeong Hun